Annual General Meeting

All credit students at Mount Royal are members of the Students’ Association of Mount Royal University (SAMRU).

SAMRU members are strongly encouraged to attend the Annual General Meeting. This year's meeting is taking place online on March 27, 2024 at 7:30 pm.
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Why is it important to attend the AGM?

Attending the AGM is part of SAMRU's accountability measures to its members. It's also the time when SAMRU members (MRU credit students) vote for student volunteers to serve on SAMRU's Student Governing Board, a group that oversees the organization, and for the Representation Executive Council (REC), a group of four students selected by the board and elected by students to fulfill represent and advocate in the best interests of MRU credit students.

It's important to attend the AGM for a few reasons:

  • New student governors are elected at AGMs
  • New REC members are elected at AGMs
  • Members find out what SAMRU accomplished the previous year
  • Financial auditors are appointed and audited financials are shared
  • Any recommended bylaws changes are approved

SAMRU Bylaws
Here is a copy of the membership-approved 2024 SAMRU bylaws.



Notice of Annual General Meeting
and Agenda

Active members of the Students’ Association are invited to submit agenda items for consideration to the Student Governing Board via the Speaker at within 21 days in advance of the Annual General Meeting and must comply with bylaws 5.3.4 and

The Speaker will notify the proposer of the Board’s decision within 7 days of the proposer’s receipt and if applicable, Notice of Amendment to the agenda of the general meeting will be posted at least 14 days in advance of the general meeting (updated agenda packages will be available to members at least 14 days in advance of the general meeting).

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The Students’ Association of Mount Royal University (SAMRU) represents and serves Mount Royal University students to help them succeed.


SAMRU is a charitable organization with three main functional areas: governance, representation, and operations.

Take a look at the SGB and REC Candidates

Elections will take place at the Annual General Meeting (AGM), so be sure to read the Representation Executive Council (REC) Candidate bios and the Student Governing Board Candidate bios so you know who you're voting for.

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