SAMRU’s Pinnacle Leadership Challenge is an interactive, vibrant, & multi-layered challenge which aims to develop and/or fine-tune a student’s leadership skills.
The Pinnacle Challenge is closed for 2021. All current MRU students are eligible to participate when workshops resume. You decide when to leave the Challenge with 3 natural exit points, with 2 additional opportunities to complete levels and receive a certificate of completion.

The Pinnacle Leadership Challenge runs from October to March.

Among other benefits, in completing level 3 of the Challenge, you will also receive a certificate of completion and a personalized reference letter, upon request. It’s a great resume builder and an amazing experience to add to your University experiences. Join us and discover the leader in you! Applications are currently closed for 2021-2022.

  • Free Clifton Strengths assessment and 2 reports that list and describe your top five talent themes (of 34 themes)
  • Learn from experienced professionals through workshops structured specifically around developing your unique leadership skills
  • Increase your employability and build your resume
  • Build confidence and your unique leadership skill set
  • Certificate of completion at each level and personalized reference letter (upon completion of level 3 only)

Frequently Asked Questions