Volunteering is a great way to build skills and meet people!

With a variety of ways to get involved, you can decide where you fit best; from sitting on a committee to helping to run an ongoing program, there’s something for everyone.

No time? No problem! Many volunteer roles have flexible hours, so you can choose an opportunity that fits with your skill set AND your schedule. Think about volunteering with us for some valuable experience to add to your resume.



“It really helped me grow and get me out of my shell.”
“Choosing to volunteer with SAMRU is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.”
“Volunteering has made me more aware of my campus around me. It has allowed me to feel more comfortable at MRU.”

“It truly gives you an unforgettable experience!”

“[Volunteering] allowed me to develop my ability to interact and engage with strangers on a regular basis, and encouraged development of my confidence.”
“[SAMRU] is a wonderful community and I’m happy to be a part of it!”

Volunteer Roles

If interested, please fill out an application to volunteer

Peer Support Centre Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer opportunities in this area occur in the Peer Support Centre (PSC), room Z 210. The PSC provides food and financial security programs for students.

  • Free Breakfast - This is one of our most well-used programs and has been operating for over 10 years. Volunteers help run the program to ensure supplies are stocked and people feel welcomed. Free Breakfast volunteers are expected to restock food items and utensils, maintain the cleanliness of the centre, and tally the number of students that utilize the program. 
  • Bread Support - The SAMRU Bread program is a new initiative that started in 2022 which provides MRU students with free bread from COBS Bakery. The bread received is packaged by volunteers and then stored in the bread pantry for students to take. Bread Support volunteers are expected to load/unload bread bins, stock the bread pantry, bag loose items, and count bread for inventory. Some heavy lifting may be required.

Cultural Inclusion Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer opportunities in this area occur in the Cultural Inclusion Centre (CIC), room Z 203. The CIC offers Indigenous and cultural events and programs for students.

  • Indigenous Handicrafts - A student led program where students teach other students how to make Indigenous crafts and work on various techniques such as beading. 

Representation Executive Advisory Committee (REAC) Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer opportunities in this area offer students unique chances to become SAMRU Ambassadors by working on committees that support the advocacy goals of elected student leaders in a variety of roles.

  • Tuition & Fee Consultation Committee Meetings (TFCC) - Throughout every fall semester, Mount Royal University’s TFCC meets with three students appointed by SAMRU to consult on all matters related to MRU tuition and fees.The TFCC Ambassador plays an important role in discussing and providing feedback to MRU in regards to their proposed tuition and fee levels, as well as policies, principles, and procedures with respect to credit tuition fees and other credit program fees. TFCC members are expected to attend all TFCC meetings and prepare for them by reading over all policies, procedures, and budget documents.

  • General Faculties Council Ambassador Meeting (GFC) - The REAC General Faculties Council Ambassador participates as part of a team to assist the Vice-President Academic (VPA) of SAMRU’s Representation Executive Council (REC) in representing student interests at GFC and its subcommittees. 

Other Support Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer opportunities in this area include various, and sometimes seasonal, support activities.

  • SAMRU Free Tax Clinic - The SAMRU free tax clinic runs annually in March and April of each year. Volunteers are trained to complete simple tax returns for qualifying low income individuals. Volunteers may have to meet the Canada Revenue Agency’s EFILE screening process to participate. Tax Clinic volunteers may be expected to complete tax returns, provide customer service to student clients, and/or lead teams.

  • Care Cupboard - The Care Cupboards (CC) provide a variety of quick single-serve food options and convenient hygiene products to make students' lives on campus easier. Help us help your peers with reducing food insecurity on campus. Care cupboard volunteers are expected to count food items, prepare food storage bins, load the CC cart, and complete other miscellaneous jobs as needed. 

  • Stress-Less -  During exam time MRU students need a break and a reminder to take care of their well-being, so SAMRU organizes different activities to help relieve stress. Some of these activities have included a puppy room, exam relief stations, a sound bath, and smudge programming. Stress-less volunteers are expected to do a variety of tasks to run these programs such as setting up rooms, organizing snack stations, and keeping track of attendee numbers.

Volunteer Roles & Streams

There are three broad volunteer streams at SAMRU.
All streams start with you filling out an application to volunteer. The three SAMRU volunteer streams are: Programs & Services, Governance, and Representation Committee Streams.

The Program & Services Stream

The Program & Services stream hosts a variety of volunteer positions within and outside of our Student Services portfolio. Historically, we’ve had Event & Outreach volunteers, Planning and Implementation committee volunteers, Casual Volunteers, Community Garden Volunteers, Tax Clinic Volunteers, Peer Support Volunteers, and more.

The SAMRU Representation Committee Stream

The stream offers students unique opportunities to become SAMRU Ambassadors by volunteering on a committee that supports the advocacy goals of elected student leaders in a variety of roles. These include academic representatives for the General Faculties Council (GFC), a seat on the MRU Tuition Fee Consultation Committee, or an Indigenous representative for the Canadian Alliance of Student Associations (CASA).

The SAMRU Governance Stream

The SAMRU Governance stream offers a unique opportunity for students from any MRU academic area to participate in  overseeing a medium-sized non-profit, membership organization. Students have the opportunity to gain financial, committee, strategic planning, decision-making and policy experience. Governors can be either appointed (short-term) or elected (long-term). Prospective Governors may need to complete additional process requirements related to an elections process. Here is additional information on governance and its structure within our organization.