Food Security

Don’t let a lack of time or funds prevent you from eating a healthy, balanced diet.

With our barrier-free food security programs, you’ll be able to focus less on where your next meal is coming from and more on your studies.

Food insecurity is tightly linked with financial insecurity. See how SAMRU can support your education financially with one of our financial security programs.


Free Breakfast

A healthy breakfast is important for maintaining adequate brain function and energy levels throughout the day. Unfortunately, many students either skip or simply can’t afford a nutritious breakfast every day. The Peer Support Centre provides a free, nutritious breakfast to students who need it, to help kick start their day. From 8:45 am (until supplies last) Monday through Friday during the Fall and Winter semesters, fresh fruit, cereal, yogurt, bread, coffee, and more provide a simple and healthy foundation that makes learning possible all day long.
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Food & Hygiene Cupboard

Designed as a short-term solution, students can access the food & hygiene cupboard located in the Peer Support Centre as many times as needed. If you need longer-term assistance, are encouraged to access the Calgary Food Bank through our referral process.
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Food Bank

The Peer Support Centre is a referral agency and depot of the Calgary Food Bank, and hampers are available to all eligible individuals. Drop by the Peer Support Centre (Wyckham House, Z210) during our core hours to fill out an application form with one of our volunteers.
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Campus Food Drive

SAMRU accepts food and hygiene donations year round! Drop off non-perishable food items and hygiene products at the donation boxes set up at participating departments in the university OR at the Peer Support Centre (Z210). Donations help support the Peer Support Centre’s Food and Hygiene Cupboard, which students access year-round. Extra food donations are given to the Calgary Food Bank.
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Mobile Grocery Store

Fresh Routes mobile grocery store is a community-driven grocery store on wheels that increases the availability of healthy and affordable foods in under-served neighbourhoods of Calgary. Fresh Routes is a collaboration between the City of Calgary, the Institute for Community Prosperity, Leftovers Calgary, local vendors, and community groups.
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