Archived: 19 things to do instead of studying

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It’s Reading Week. Theoretically, you’re supposed to be reading/studying, right? You could catch up on your school work, OR you could do one of these:

Start a bullet journal cause those things look hella cool


Go skiiing (or snowboarding or tubing or tobogganing) cause you’re Canadian eh!

Shovel your neighbours walk cause you’re caring like that

Day trip! Marvel at the beauty of Banff for, only like, the third time this year

Channel your inner Bey and try a new hairstyle

Get your nails did (treat yo’self!)

Make plans with a friend you haven’t seen since 2017

Watch Game of Thrones all over again and then cry that you won’t see a new episode until 2019

Start a free trial with Prime Video and then subsequently watch all 7 seasons of Parks and Rec

Decide to try a spin class (and then immediately regret taking a spin class)

Contemplate the universe and the meaning of life

Clean your toilet (for reals though… you should probably clean that thing)

Go to the theatre to watch Black Panther (because it’s AMAZING!)

Work on your “Single Ladies” routine

Buy something you can’t afford just to own it for a few hours before inevitably having to return it

Get that weird mole looked at that you’ve been neglecting to tell your doctor about

Perfect that rendition of “Because you loved me” by the incomparable Celine Dion

Attend a penguin walk at the Calgary Zoo

Try all the hot chocolates in Calgary for YYC Hot Chocolate Fest (or at least the cool sounding ones)