A Spooky Sight… Numerous Ghost Sightings Reported Around Wyckham House

Congratulations students, you’ve successfully made it past Reading break and are now in the back half of October! But as the calendars changed and the leaves fell, have you felt as if there is an ominous presence lurking in Wyckham House? You might not be alone…

A collection of mysterious reports

Students around Wyckham House have noticed what appear to be other-worldly beings loitering around Wyckham House, with the sightings being documented on social media @samrubuzz over the course of the month. In layman’s terms, there appear to be ghosts. It seems that once October struck, these restless spirits began to appear throughout the bowl, living their past experiences as regulars of Mount Royal University’s campus.

Where are these ghosts coming from?

Witnesses have viewed the ghosts mysteriously appearing in booths, popping out of stairwells, or even materializing behind them in line at West Gate Social. 

While they may provide a bit of a playful shock, these phantoms seem to be harmless, only looking to stretch their plasmic limbs after being awakened after a year of slumber. It is believed they were awakened in the back rooms of West Gate Social by the wild energy present at the Wycked House Party – leaving them in awe and a little envious of the killer event they weren’t invited to. 

It is important to note that some witnesses have gone as for to say these spirits may be emerging from the unburied body of our former Mascot Clyvde… although reports of this beast are far more menacing than the friendly spirits wandering Wyckham.

But while these festive, frightful friends are certainly improving the haunting atmosphere on campus, SAMRU experts are unsure of their presence beyond the month of October.


It appears there may only be a single solution to help resolve these ghosts’ FOMO-related apprehensions…

A Haunted House Party to remember!

After a consultation via Ouija board, our self-proclaimed expert sources have noted the best method for these ghosts to burn off the excess ghouly energy for another year is to hold the scariest house party yet! This ritual will take place on October 26, 2023, and will be held in the haunted grounds of West Gate Social. These ghosts are calling for a horrifying night to remember, teeming with costume prizes, Halloween-themed events, and ghoulish friends taking over West Gate Social for the night.

Festivities will include:

  • Bringing together living and dead friends to showcase horrifying costumes (including door prizes!); 
  • Summoning live DJs to ensure the vibe is equal parts bumpin’ and spooky;
  • Commemorating the event with ghastly photo-booth pictures; and
  • Responsibly enjoying some haunted beverages and snacks at West Gate Social

Do keep in mind that this Haunted House Party will be a fully licensed, 18+ event, so be sure to bring a valid piece of 18+ government-issued ID. Please don’t drink and drive. 

So come one, come all, and help these ghosts throw a Haunted House Party to remember!

The terrifying details

Where: West Gate Social

When: October 26, starting at 8:00 pm

What: live DJs, signature cocktails, mini-games, photo booth, prizes, costume contest

Bring: Government-issued ID (this is an 18+ event!), your best costume 

If you have any questions regarding the upcoming Haunted House Party ritual or any other spooky inquiries, don’t hesitate to send us an other-worldly message at info@samru.ca!