Our Mission, Beliefs, Values and Vision

Mission Statement:

We represent and serve students to help them succeed.

SAMRU’s Values:

The Values of the organization are the things we hold as all important in the way we go about our activities. They are SAMRU’s core fundamentals which endure across time and remain meaningful in all contexts. They set foundational expectations of how the organization will operate, and communicate our culture, helping people understand the essence of SAMRU.

We are dedicated to our members and therefore we:

  • Are an enduring presence
  • Put the interests of our members first
  • Demonstrate our commitment, especially during difficult times

We are intentionally accepting and therefore we:

  • Welcome all our members and strive to provide them with a sense of belonging
  • Work to understand each other, honour our differences, and celebrate our diversity
  • Create respectful environments where people can learn about each other

We are accountable and therefore we:

  • Do what we say we’ll do
  • Act ethically and with integrity

We cultivate a learning culture and therefore we:

  • Actively seek relevant information as a global learning strategy
  • Practice evidence-based decision-making through ongoing research, feedback, and evaluation
  • Nurture creativity, learn from challenges, and adapt to change

We are courageous and therefore we:

  • Are compassionately honest
  • Are open and speak up about issues
  • Do what’s right, even when it’s not easy

We value strong, cohesive community and therefore we:

  • Intentionally build skilled, trust-based teams
  • Uphold standards and expectations for respectful, caring community
  • Foster an enthusiastic work environment

We value fun and therefore we:

  • Create opportunities for members to socialize in a positive, safe environment
  • Celebrate successes
  • Make time to enjoy our work and interactions with each other

SAMRU’s Goals and Objectives


Create meaningful interactions to enhance members’ post-secondary experience and demonstrate SAMRU’s value


  • Increase member awareness of SAMRU membership and membership offerings
  • Increase member perception of membership value and sense of belonging
  • Increase the overall quality of SAMRU offerings


Demonstrate exceptional leadership in all facets of SAMRU’s work


  • Increase the transparency and effectiveness of SAMRU’s evidence-based decision-making, and extend coverage of evaluation and reporting systems across the organization
  • Increase strategically the capacity of SAMRU’s internal stakeholders to be organizational ambassadors and demonstrate leadership
  • Increase the strategic value of relevant alliances to enhance organizational credibility externally
  • Increase external validations of SAMRU’s work that demonstrate SAMRU meets or exceeds standards (such as accreditations or other demonstrations of excellence)


Protect and reinforce SAMRU’s independence while acknowledging and managing its interdependence


  • Maintain SAMRU’s financial sustainability
  • Maintain Wyckham House Student Centre and a strong Licence of Occupation Agreement as critical organizational assets
  • Increase MRU and other key stakeholders’ clarity, understanding and positive perception of SAMRU’s legitimate existence within multiple systems
  • Increase member understanding of SAMRU and its offerings as distinct from MRU


Promote strong, trust-based relationships internally and externally


  • Increase and reinforce a positive culture in SAMRU at senior levels (Governance/REC/MAG) and across the organization
  • Increase key relevant MRU stakeholder groups’ understanding of SAMRU Governance
  • Increase the quality of SAMRU/MRU operational relationships


Students’ Association of Mount Royal University
Room Z222, Wyckham House Student Centre
4825 Mount Royal Gate S.W.
Calgary, AB   T3E 6K6

Phone: (403) 440-6077
Fax: (403) 440-8909
Email: reception