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Now that it’s November and you’ve settled back into your academic routine, it’s pretty common to start feeling some stress or anxiety about your academic performance.

Be confident in your abilities

You worked really hard to get into your program, and just to make it to University in general. You wouldn’t be where you’re at now if you couldn’t handle the pressure or didn’t have what it takes. All of those classmates you’re intimidated by – they are feeling the same way you are, so be confident that you know what you’re doing, that you’ll get through this tough time, and that you’ll be successful!

Be patient

You don’t need to know everything, after all, that’s why you are here – to learn. Take advantage of any extra support you might need from your fellow students, instructors, MRU support staff or your SAMRU to help you get where you’re trying to go.

Be your own best advocate

Figure out what you need to be successful, and then ask the people around you to help you meet those goals. Maybe you need to revisit your writing process? Maybe you need headphones when you read. Talk to your roommates about what you need, and help them help you make your study space as effective as possible.

Fail forward

Don’t let ‘failure’ set you back. While overachievers don’t often handle failure well, don’t take it personally. You will hit a snag, misunderstand something, or just not have enough time to do the work you know you’re capable of. Dust yourself off and try again, using your ‘failure’ to build a stronger support for your next venture.

The most important thing to know if you’re feeling stressed this November – you’re not alone. Thousands of other post-secondary students are feeling the pressure right now too, and there are lots of services and opportunities that can help.

If you need help with self-advocacy, talk to our Student Advocacy Coordinator who can help you to find your best self-advocacy style to get what you need without alienating the people around you.

If you need support with self-care, visit the Peer Support Centre. They can help find resources and have great advice for students, from students. Fun and frivolity also have a big part in your ability to handle stress. Visit the SAMRU event calendar to find something happening today that can give you a 30 minute reprieve from that paragraph you just can’t get past.

If stress is taking a physical or mental toll, book an appointment at Wellness Services. They offer a broad range of services for your health and well-being.


–        By Dawn Linnemoller, Editor & Content Coordinator

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