MRU Faculty Strike

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REC statement: faculty strike

SAMRU's Representation Executive Council's response to a possible MRU faculty strike

SAMRU representatives respond to Mount Royal faculty strike

From the SAMRU Representation Executive Council

Last week, we communicated with both MRU and the MRFA about the possible strike and urged both sides to come to an agreement quickly. We reminded them that students’ have had an inordinate amount of anxiety since the pandemic was declared in March 2020. Students have had to deal with switching back and forth from online classes to in-person to online again, isolation from our peers, and tuition increases among other things — and this potential strike situation is only making things worse.

As students ourselves, we and our peers are concerned about an interruption to the semester. We understand that there are many steps in the Alberta Labour Relations Board’s process and many decisions that need to be made by both parties before there would be a direct impact on the campus community.

This is an employment matter between MRU and the MRFA. But while SAMRU representatives are not involved in these employment negotiations or have a voice at the table we, as students, have a stake in the outcome. This is why we continue to represent the views of our membership to both faculty and to administration, advocating for predictability and stability for students.

We have prepared a FAQ page on our website to help answer some immediate questions you may have. The REC team is also planning a live town hall to invite student feedback that we can share directly with the administration and the faculty. Ongoing updates will be provided as the process moves forward and as we get more information.

If you have questions, please contact your REC team and we will do our best to get back to you as soon as possible.