Awards & Bursaries

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The Students’ Association of Mount Royal University (SAMRU) believes the ultimate goal of all Mount Royal  University students is academic success and personal achievement. The SAMRU Awards scholarships recognize students who have contributed to their campus community in an outstanding way that inspires and enhances the lives of their fellow Mount Royal students.

SAMRU Awards are presented at an annual awards ceremony hosted by the Students’ Association each spring. SAMRU has been honouring exceptional contributions from its members for over 50 years now.

The criteria for student candidates includes a high level of commitment and contribution to the campus community, including activeness within SAMRU and participation in campus activities. Strong academic achievement and volunteer contributions to community organizations are also very important.

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Applications are now closed.

How do I apply?

1. Download the awards information booklet online or pick up a paper copy at the SAMRU Reception office in Room Z222, Wyckham House. The deadline to apply is February 28, 2021. 

2. Fill out the application form, following the booklet’s criteria.

3. Submit a current unofficial academic transcript from your myMRU account with your application form, as well as any required essays and letters of reference.

*Letters of reference can be addressed to the SAMRU Awards Selection Committee. 

4. Submit your application form to SAMRU Reception in Z222 or email it to before the deadline.


Requirements differ depending on the award. Please refer to the awards information booklet for details.

  • Student candidates must be active members of the Students’ Association.
  • Student candidates must be in good academic standing & not on academic probation.
  • Candidates for Teaching Excellence Awards must be faculty members of Mount Royal University.
  • Candidates for Champion Awards must be non-student members of the Mount Royal University community.

Awards & Scholarships

Enrichment Awards

The SAMRU Enrichment Awards recognize outstanding contributions to campus diversity in four categories.

  • Deanna Cardinal Memorial Award
  • Gender and Sexual Diversity Award
  • Inspiring Culture Award
  • Beyond Disabilities Award

Endeavour Awards

The SAMRU Endeavour Awards recognize outstanding student achievement and dedication to self-improvement.

  • Citizenship Award
  • Committed Learner Award

Excellence Awards

The SAMRU Excellence Awards recognize students who have made outstanding contributions to student life through participation in Students’ Association activities or volunteer opportunities and who have maintained excellent academic records.

  • Outstanding Student of the Year
  • Gold, Silver and Bronze Awards

Club Awards

Club Awards recognize outstanding achievement by ratified student clubs.

  • Excellence in Community Service Award
  • Excellence in Membership Service Award

Faculty and Staff Awards

Faculty and Staff Awards recognize the contributions and dedication of faculty or staff members who are dedicated to enhancing the quality of life of students at MRU.

  • Teaching Excellence Award
  • Champion Award
  • Open Education Champion Award

Other Awards

MRU students have the opportunity to apply for many different scholarships from a variety of sources including SAMRU, the federal and provincial governments, other post-secondary institutions, private industry and service organizations.

Scholarships are monetary awards based on academic merit or excellence in a specific area of study or discipline. Bursaries are monetary awards usually based on need.

This information does not reflect all the awards that are available to MRU students. Be sure to check with the Students’ Association or the Student Awards and Financial Aid Office on campus for more information. If you have any suggestions for other scholarship links, please e-mail us with the information.


Lisa Antichow
Administration Manager
Phone: (403) 440-5603