2012 E-Award Winners

Congratulations 2012 E-Award Winners!

Inspiring Culture Award

Symone Loney – Symone’s interest in establishing and spreading knowledge of the African and Caribbean community motivated her to found The Movement, a Black History-focused fundraiser for Red Cross Relief efforts in Haiti. As President of the Alors on Danse club, she enjoys assembling people from varying backgrounds to create a diverse social and cultural community, facilitating an outlet for African and Caribbean culture on campus.

Deanna Cardinal Memorial Award

Melissa Thomas – Melissa models Deanna Cardinal’s legacy of leadership and community involvement. As a Native Ambassador for the Post-secondary Initiative, she promotes a respectable image of student leadership both on and off campus. An avid volunteer at SAMRU’s Native Student Centre, Melissa loves engaging with her peers and building relationships, helping Aboriginal students to rediscover and strengthen their ties to the Aboriginal community.

Beyond Disabilities Award

Jennifer Yu – As a notetaker and exam scriber with MRU’s Accessibility Services, Jennifer takes pride in facilitating other students’ comfort and confidence in the classroom while learning about her peers’ diverse abilities. In addition to her involvement on campus, she strives to promote the understanding and support of people with disabilities through her volunteer work with Alberta Health Services and Alberta Guide Dog services.

Gender and Sexual Diversity Award

Famira Racy – One of Famira’s life goals is to contribute to a diversity-tolerant global community. A volunteer with the AIDS Calgary Awareness Association, she hopes to change stereotypical attitudes surrounding gender and sexuality through education and community service. On campus, Famira is President of the Psychology Student Society, which works to create a safe and open environment in which all students can learn.

Athletics Award

Sanne de Groot – Sanne has enriched her educational experience at Mount Royal by becoming part of the “cougar family.” As a Student Athletic Therapist, she contributes to positive game experiences by assessing and managing athlete injuries during Cougars games. Through her participation in both on and off campus health and athletics-related initiatives, she aims to promote an active, safe and enjoyable lifestyle in post-secondary and beyond.

Citizenship Award

Alia Kanani – One of Alia’s primary goals is to contribute to the wellbeing of others. As the Calgary lead for B.E.L.I.E.F., a Canada-wide, female-directed leadership group, she aimed to empower women by facilitating discussion and collaboration. Through her participation in the Tutorial Assistance Program and Reading Buddies Calgary, she has dedicated herself not only to achieving her own academic goals, but to supporting the goals of others.

Green Earth Award

Kelsey Morin – Kelsey leads by example, encouraging Mount Royal students to take charge of their environmental footprints. As one of the founders of MRU’s first Community Garden, she enjoys educating students about where their food comes from and how they can make healthier and more sustainable lifestyle choices. An avid Sustainability Centre volunteer, Kelsey is also an active member of the Student Sustainability Club.

Committed Learner Award

Christine Slaunwhite – In pursuit of her Honours Degree in Psychology, Christine has demonstrated dedication and grace under pressure. Balancing the responsibilities of school, work, and family, she has surpassed life’s challenges and worked tirelessly to achieve her potential. A leader on campus and off, Christine has volunteered for Mount Royal’s New Student Orientation and International Education Program, as well as for the Heart and Stroke Foundation.

Experiential Studies Award

Tristan Smyth – Tristan is working on a directed readings project examining how technology is altering the way English literature is taught. As one of the first students to go through MRU’s Health Research Ethics Board process, he has shown a willingness to think creatively and undertake new challenges. He hopes to present his research at the Society of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education conference.

Part Time Studies Award

Amy Woermke – Amy has a history of outstanding academic performance and community involvement. Maintaining an impeccable GPA, she has been actively involved in the Bissett School of Business’ Faculty Council and Dean’s Case Team, as well as Students in Free Enterprise Mount Royal. Currently a part-time student, she plans to become a professor, with the goal of helping other students have a profound university experience.

Excellence in Community Service Award

Student Society of Social Work – The Student Society of Social Work has facilitated awareness and discussion through speaker series, professional development opportunities and participation in events such as AIDS Awareness Day, National Bullying Week, and Take Back the Night. Demonstrating teamwork and a clear sense of purpose, the club and its members have educated Mount Royal and the greater Calgary community on critical social issues.

Excellence in Membership Services Award

Club N3Rd – Club N3Rd began as a place for students to meet new friends while strengthening the “geek’” community. Within two days of ratification, the club had over 200 members. Offering students a comfortable place to share similar interests, Club N3Rd gives student the chance to relax, connect, and take pride in their identities. To serve its members, the club holds regular movie nights, gaming nights and costume workshops.

Reflector Award

Vanessa Beerda – As a leader, Vanessa values integrity, passion, professionalism and creativity. While serving as a Residence Advisor and Community Advisor, she had the chance to empower her fellow students as they developed their own leadership styles. She has also been an advocate for the Outdoor Adventure Club and the Sustainability Centre, using her love of the outdoors to create an engaged Mount Royal community.

Outstanding Student of the Year Award

Collin Semenoff – An inspiring student, engaged volunteer, and passionate advocate, Collin has committed himself fully to the Mount Royal experience. From student clubs to Students’ Council, New Student Orientation to Convocation, he has volunteered his time and energy selflessly, impacting all corners of the Mount Royal community. Despite working full-time and taking full course loads, he has managed to maintain an exceptional academic record while engaging fully in campus events and committees. Viewing volunteering not as an activity, but as an identity, Collin is a model of leadership and engagement.

Gold Award

Tiffany Beks – Tiffany is dedicated to building a healthy, inclusive, and sustainable campus community. She is the founder of InSight and In Mind, a campus-wide campaign dedicated to reducing the stigma surrounding mental illness. On a national level, she has worked with the National Student Mental Health Working Group to develop a student mental health strategy. A model student and dedicated advocate, Tiffany is also the author of the Sustainability Consultant’s guide and coordinator of the Drink Sustainably reusable mug campaign.

Silver Award

Catharine Smart – Catharine is proud to be a Mount Royal student and eager to give back to her campus. As a member of Students in Free Enterprise Mount Royal, she has helped the club run programs to further entrepreneurial spirit in the community. Using her coursework as an opportunity for engagement, she has worked to promote the success of Mount Royal’s programs and their students. Off campus, she is a volunteer and spokesperson for the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of Canada.

Silver Award

Angela Smith – Considering it an honour to represent the student voice, Angela has been actively involved in advocacy on campus. In addition to participating in General Faculties Council and MRU’s Student Assessment Seminars, she has helped her fellow students as a Peer Tutor and Health Education Coordinator – all while maintaining an impeccable GPA. Angela is passionate about connecting students with the academic and wellness services they need to succeed. Following graduation, she will continue promoting healthy living by pursuing a career in medicine.

Bronze Award

Churchill Oseghale – In all his on-campus activities, Churchill aims to promote socialization, safety, and knowledge sharing in the Mount Royal community. As a New Student Orientation leader, he builds enthusiasm among new students by sharing positive experiences. As a volunteer for SAMRU’s Student Outreach and Safewalk program, he informs his peers about the organization’s events and programs. Viewing university as an opportunity to connect with his peers, Churchill does everything he can to support other students.

Bronze Award

Barbara Adamson – Through her participation in Students in Free Enterprise Mount Royal, Barbara has learned how to apply concepts from the classroom to a defined need in the community. As President of the club, she attended the SIFE World Cup in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, representing Mount Royal students to club members from across the globe. Outside Mount Royal, she has lent her passion for engagement to the Foothills Fetal Alcohol Society, working to connect and support youth affected by Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.

Outstanding Councillor of the Year

Holly Mazur – Holly has worked to build community through governance, demonstrating leadership and dedication in her role as Governor. By strengthening SAMRU’s relationship with CASA, she helped to improve lobbying on a federal level, contributing to the effectiveness of a national student voice. On internal committees, she has confidently and professionally worked within the organization’s bylaws and policies, demonstrating a passion for research, debate and responsible governance.

Teaching Excellence Awards

Barbara Hibberd, Leah Nikiforuk, Shane Gannon, Bob Uttl, Meaghen Johnston, Trevor Day, Scott Murray, Lorraine Royall, Karen Overbye, David Bird

Champion Awards

Paul Varella, Tim Haney, Joe Anderson

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