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By Andrea Davis, Student Advocacy Coordinator

It can be easier to work with your finances by using some budgeting finesse. There are a number of online tools as well as websites to help you get started.

Smart phone apps can be a good starting point for budget tracking because you likely have your phone with you when you’re spending money. With apps like for Personal Finance or Visual Budget Expense Tracking you can enter a monthly budget and it will track what money you have left over as you input how much you are spending.

If you are already in debt, another free app is Debt HD Free. It helps you track and manage your debt and even project when you will have it paid off. The app helps you to track your individual payments, and develop a ‘pay-off’ strategy’ for the debt you have. It can remind you of your monthly payments, project reports, and schedules.

The Can Learn website has some excellent tools and information for those with student loans. It estimates your monthly costs for paying back your student loan & shows how much interest you will pay depending on the length of the loan.

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