Archived: Catch some Z’s on campus with our top 5 sleeping spots

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Feeling drowsy on campus? There’s a nap for that. Mount Royal is a commuter campus, which means most students don’t have the luxury of popping back to their residence dorm to get forty winks. And a lot of the time, class schedules don’t line up perfectly – sometimes you’re on campus SUPER EARLY and have to stay SUPER LATE, or you have that annoying four hour gap in between lectures. On days when you’ve just finished a marathon study session but still need to stay on campus another couple hours, or you just can’t seem to keep your eyes open, a nap can make all the difference.
So with that in mind, we’ve composed a list of places on campus to get your snooze on. We’ve rated each one with a (totally arbitrary and decidedly unscientific) snoozability rating of one to five Zs – let’s say it’s for comfort, practicality, and privacy.


SAMRU Nap Room (3rd floor Wyckham House)

Snoozability: ZZZZZ

We’re totally, definitely, 100% not biased at all about our Nap Room but obviously we think it’s the best place to catch some shut-eye on campus. There’s four first-come, first-serve lounge chairs ready to lull you to blissful sleep, it’s nice and dark, and it’s in a quiet part of campus (… unless the Drum Circle happens to be going on that afternoon). It’s even a screen-free zone, so you won’t be bothered by your neighbour browsing Reddit for two hours instead of napping, and we provide lockers for you to secure your stuff while you snooze.


First floor couches in EA  

Snoozability: ZZZ

We’ll bump the snoozability rating up to four Zs if your next class is actually in EA, since then you have the added convenience of just stumbling across the hallway into class. Otherwise, this isn’t a terrible place to crash, so long as you don’t mind the sound of the Jugo Juice blender going off approximately every 64 seconds. Think of it as super loud white noise machine that goes off at random. So, uh, serene.


Recreation concourse (2nd floor)

Snoozability: ZZZZ

Oooh, the couches here are prime napping territory – they’re surprisingly comfortable, you’re right next to a vending machine, and there’s water fountains nearby, so all your physical needs can be met. Sure, it gets a bit loud midday, but just pop in some headphones and drift off to some soothing tunes. Even the Jugo Juice is quieter here – must be the acoustics. Just watch out for stray ping pong balls.


Literally any empty classroom

Snoozability: ZZ (ZZZZ if you have one of these)

We’re actually not opposed to napping in empty classrooms, but there’s nothing more disorientating than waking up to a bunch of strangers silently staring at you while they wait for their professor to show up and start the class. To mitigate this, make sure you leave an open notebook on the desk in front of you – it’ll make it look like you totally were waiting for class to start too, but just, y’know, happened to doze off.


During class

Snoozability: Z

Yikes! We admire your commitment to #naplife, but we can’t actually endorse sleeping in class. You might be able to find some leftover coffee from Free Breakfast up in the Peer Support Centre if it’s really that bad.


Of course, if you have your own super secret napping spot, we’d love if you shared it with us… but we get it if you’re saving it all for yourself. Wherever it is that you find yourself drifting off: happy napping!