Archived: Celebrate Indigenous Voices at the Native Student Centre’s 16th Anniversary Round Dance

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Come to Wyckham House on March 21st for the Native Student Centre’s Annual Round Dance. The round dance will celebrate the NSC’s 16th anniversary, and will honour Indigenous Voices. 

“Round dances are used to celebrate special occasions,” explains NSC Coordinator Cory Cardinal. “The songs are less ceremonial and more contemporary. We’ll have some great singers.”

Round Dance guests will have the chance to learn more about Aboriginal culture while watching or participating in the dance circle. No dance experience is necessary, and everyone is invited to join in.

“Anybody can get up and dance,” says Cory. “It’s a great chance to meet people and have fun.”

The Round Dance, like all NSC programs, is open to people of any cultural heritage. “Everyone is welcome,” says Cory. “We invite all students, faculty, staff and community members to come celebrate this milestone with us.” So, if you haven’t been to a Round Dance before, then this is a chance for you to see what’s it’s all about!

For more details on the Round Dance, check out the Facebook event:

To learn more about the NSC, click here:

— By Richie Lazarowich, Communications Coordinator


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