Bachelor of Child Studies Student Society (BCST)

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Bachelor of Child Studies Student Society (BCST)



The student society works in partnership with HCE faculty of MRU (specifically child studies) and admin to support and provide communication and representation of our students, as well as encourage networking, and professional development opportunities through partnerships with various faculty and organizations. In the past, the society created various events and supported events that provide volunteering and networking opportunities related to children, youth and families. For example, the coordination and development of the children’s activity corner at MRU’s annual powwows every year working in partnership with the Iniskim Centre, as well as partaking in various fundraisers off-campus. The impact we hope to have on members is to provide opportunities for connection, and growth in all aspects (whether that be individual, academic or professional), we also hope to continue to share the importance of advocacy and leadership as practitioners working directly with children, youth and families in the community.

Club Mission

Our goal is to assist Bachelor of Child Studies students, and community members interested in child, youth and family studies in their educational experience and to encourage growth individually and professionally. We commit to supporting each member and creating a sense of community through group collaboration, networking and professional development opportunities. As a club we also commit to supporting community organizations in advocacy for the well-being of children, youth and families.


Hana Tran Co-president 
Katie Toseland Co-president 
Sara Atiyeh Treasurer