Education Undergraduate Society


  • Cassidy Blundon President
  • Tasnim Ahmed VP External
  • Joseline Ortiz VP Internal
  • Megumi Brownlee Secretary
  • Charles Neild Treasurer
  • Paige Thomson Professional Development Opportunities Chair
  • Joseph Nguyen Events Coordinator
  • Theresa Joan Davidson Events Coordinator
  • Katrina Hegmann Social Media Coordinator

Primary Contact Information

Mission Statement

The mission of the EUS is to help facilitate the process of the EUS members in obtaining their Bachelor of Education Degrees from MRU’s Faculty of Teaching and Learning through various contexts including, but not limited to:
1.1.1 increasing awareness of policies, roles, services and activities of the ATA.
1.1.2 providing professional development workshops.
1.1.3 promoting and developing a cooperative and friendly spirit among EUS members through various networking and extra-curricular events.
1.1.4 acting as a liaison between students and faculty and staff of MRU.
1.1.5 working closely with appropriate organisations such as SAMRU to ensure the voice of EUS is heard and informing its members of important changes initiated by such organisations.
1.1.6 promoting and advancing the cause of education within Alberta, and Canada.