Future Graduates Alliance

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Future Graduates Alliance



We want to provide a wealth of resources, alternative opinions and support to pre-health undergraduate students – whether that is for pre-requisite class help, application help or general emotional support during the undergraduate experience. The long-term goal of FGA is to abolish the harmful idea that our classmates are our competitors; we, as members of FGA, believe that there is room for everyone to succeed, and we will encourage our members to celebrate each success as if it were our own. We hope to create a sense of community.


Karla Malabug Co-President 
Subhneer Mandal Co-President 
Pooja Manjunath Secretary  
Frances Tambis Executive 
James La Copywriter 
Julia Sampang Mentor strategist 
Jaipreet Dhaliwal Chief of Marketing 
Minal Ahuja Chief of Marketing 

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