Future Graduates Association

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Future Graduates Association



The main focus for the club is to attract like-minded individuals who hope to pursue graduate programs specific to a career in health, however, anyone in support of the club’s mission is welcome to join.

The goal of PH-MRU is to provide a wealth of resources, alternative opinions and support to pre-health undergraduate students – whether that is for pre-requisite class help, application help or general emotional support during the undergraduate experience. The long-term goal of PH-MRU is to abolish the harmful idea that our classmates are our competitors; we, as members of PH-MRU, believe that there is room for everyone to succeed, and we will encourage our members to celebrate each success as if it were our own.

PH-MRU will strive to be the go-to place for pre-health students to locate volunteer opportunities, mentorship, as well as both academic and application help. This may ease some of the confusion surrounding the processes of obtaining good extracurriculars or networking within the community for research, volunteer or clinical opportunities while in undergrad.

We hope to help individuals build connections through the student population and through activities held within the club. Alongside, we also hope to help guide students that have joined MRU during the midst of COVID-19 and online school, whether this be reinforcing their connections with the student body and/or creating familiarity with classes and student life in person.


Liv Taylor Co-President 
Karla Malabug Co-President 
Subhneer Mandal Co-President 
Jaipreet Dhaliwal Chief of Human Resources 
Ashneev Jassal Volunteer Coordinator 
Ermeline Kabwiz Event Coordinator 
Graham Carneiro-Samji Treasurer 
Nick Shier Chief Development Strategist 
Ruby Morillo Chief of Marketing 
Vanessa Tran Chief of Marketing 
Angela Faye Galeos Chief of Marketing 
Frances Sheila Tambis Head of Recruitment 
Paige Appelhof Mentorship Strategist  
Jason Lahey Mentorship Strategist 

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