Human Resources Students’ Society (HRSS)

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Human Resources Students’ Society (HRSS)


Founded in 2009, Melanie Peacock and her colleague had a vision to create a community for Human Resources students at Mount Royal University. A community to help students network with one another, various professionals in the industry and provide multiple opportunities for career development for its members. This vision would give birth to the Human Resources Students’ Association (HRSA).

In 2012, the HRSA was established as a society through SAMRU and was renamed to the Human Resources Students’ Society (HRSS). Over the years the HRSS has been a catalyst for providing beneficial opportunities each semester to MRU’s HR students through networking events, interview workshops, year-end case studies and much more. In present time, the HRSS has continued to provide excellent opportunities virtually for its members despite the COVID-19 pandemic. Since then, the HRSS has evolved across Mount Royal University and has expanded to other campuses nationwide.


Club Mission

Building MRU’s Student HR community through events that support future career success.


Brooklyn Truong President 
Ratika Sharma VP of Events 
Justine Abdelmesieh VP of Events 
Josh Kubinchak VP of Events 
Simran Sidhu VP of Finance