Mount Royal Filipino Students’ Affiliation

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Mount Royal Filipino Students’ Affiliation



The Mount Royal Filipino Students' Affiliation (MRFSA) strives to represent and bring together a community of students invested in enriching and being enriched by the Filipino culture at the Mount Royal University (MRU). By hosting social events and activities that highlight Philippine traditions, values, and cultures, MRFSA grants students the opportunity to appreciate their cultural identity. Additionally, MRFSA offers local, national and international networking, leadership, and educational opportunities and resources that help expand a student's skill set. In support of MRU's mission of inclusivity and decolonization, MRFSA strives to end oppression among people regardless of their age, gender, or ethnicity.


JayJay Solana President 
Keanna Cruz VP Events 
Gemariah Galanga VP Community 
Sophia Bugayong Secretary 
Cheska Lopez Treasurer 

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