MRU Film and English Society (FESS)

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MRU Film and English Society (FESS)


The mission of FESS is to unite and buttress a community of individuals with interests in either, or both, Film and English. At club meetings, we aim to discuss films, television, novels, and poetry, including (but not limited to) any work that may be produced by members of the group. In this way, we will promote the discussion, appreciation, and critique of filmic and literary works. As well, FESS aims to showcase students’ writing by creating a literary supplement to the school newspaper, The Reflector, once a year (if financially feasible and approved by both the club executives and the newspaper’s editorial staff). The purposes of the supplement are to offer a local outlet for student writing and to present this work to the University community. We encourage students to write for analytical academic purposes but also as an expressive creative outlet. We plan to host an open mic night to further showcase student pieces (which may possibly be online as we navigate the pandemic).


Jana Tzanakos President 
Olivia Brodowski Vice President 
Jasmeet Khaira Events Coordinator 

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