MRU Marketing Society

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MRU Marketing Society



Our main goal at MRU Marketing Society is to help bridge the gap between students and the professional world. We aim to do that through numerous events such as:

* networking events, where you can meet industry professionals and get some insight into what they do
* skill workshops, where we help you learn tips/tricks to help hone your skills
* case competitions, where you could win prizes

– as well as fun social networking events to get to know your peers and potential group members in the years to come!



Stan Nicastro President 
Brooke Armstrong Vice President 
Courtney Gresham Senior VP of Events 
Anastacia Davydov Vargas Senior VP of Events 
Laura Pinzon, Sr Senior VP of Communications 
Kassidy Gerhardi Senior VP of Events 
Jasmine Krawchuk Senior VP of Communications 
Kat Martini Senior VP of Creative 
Courtney Arndt Senior VP of Creative 
Julia Nguyen Junior VP of Communications 
Hayley Bonnett Junior VP of Events 
Hayley Bonnett Junior VP of Events 
Alexandra Kravec Junior VP of Communications 

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