Muslim Student Affiliation

In Representation by Nada Gomaa

Muslim Student Affiliation



We Advocate for and cater to all the needs of Muslims on campus. These include ablution and prayer spaces on campus, a Friday prayer space and congregation on campus, halal food on campus, and address specific needs in Ramadan. Other needs may include academic, environmental, and social needs as well. Providing a platform through which the Muslim community engages in meaningful activities, discussions, and events and gets involved with the campus community aligning with Islamic values. Providing education and opportunities to obtain knowledge of Islam, the Quran, etc. Spreading awareness about Islam and Muslims on campus includes combating Islamophobia and discrimination.

Club Mission

The goal of the Muslim Students Affiliation (MSA) at Mount Royal University is to provide a safe space for Muslim students and to serve as their representative body within the environment of MRU.


Fawaz Saleem President 
Mohammad Mahdi Mir Events Director 
Hamza Echchoujaa Finance Director 
Hadya Anaam Azeem Administrative Director