Pakistani Students Affiliation


  • Izzah Nazir Ahmad President
  • Mahnoor Younas Vice President
  • Maha Aamir Secretary
  • Rida Haider Jr. Exec of Media
  • Umar Mohammed Ashraf Jr. Exec of Media
  • Shayaan Ali Jr. Exec of Finance
  • Maryum Naqvi Jr. Exec of Finance
  • Maham Saeed Jr. Exec of Finance
  • Khadija Abbas Jr. Exec of Events
  • Silah Hussain Jr. Exec of Events
  • Orooba Fahim Jr. Exec of Events
  • Sana Khusro Jr. Exec of Events
  • Mohammad Hassaan Raza Rizvi Jr. Exec of Communication
  • Mohamed Chowdhry Jr. Exec of Communication
  • Rasti Wadood Director of Media
  • Abdullah Nawaz Muhammad Director of Finance
  • Neha Paracha Director of Events
  • Bismah Shakoor Director of Communication

Primary Contact Information


The Pakistani Students Affiliation welcomes individuals of all nationalities to join our club and/ or participate in events and activities throughout the year and celebrate the Pakistani culture. We are committed to promoting diverse Pakistani traditions, discussing important social issues, fundraising for charities and most importantly serving all Pakistani’s so that they are able to adjust to university life in a familiar cultural environment.