Pre-Dental Club

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Pre-Dental Club



Our mission In the PreDental Club is to provide a plethora of knowledge, opportunities, and camaraderie between our members and fellow students. For those who wish to join our club to pursue a career in dentistry, we aim to help streamline the process with mentorship programs involving our senior members, collaboration with sponsors for dental shadowing experiences, and various volunteer opportunities. In place of the COVID-19 Pandemic, we understand the difficulties and frustrations our fellow students face, and we hope to be a meaningful resource for students. As part of our mentorship program, we will offer immense resources on application guidance with personal experience from our members who have gone through the application process for applying to dental schools both in Canada and the United States. Lastly, in hopes of uplifting overall health on campus, we want to make preemptive oral health care knowledge readily available, as preemptive dental care and practice is the first line of defense for achieving long-term benefits to oral health.

As for individuals who have chosen a different academic direction, volunteer opportunities, COVID-19 regulated study groups, and an overwhelming sense of community are an integral part of our association.


Ibrahim Tahero President 
Tigist Tilahun Treasurer 
Maisarah Barakzie Recruitment 
Ravnoor Cheema Communications 
Jenneh Jallah Executive 
Shervin Ziaei Recruitment 

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