Psychology Student Society

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Psychology Student Society



We encourage all psychology students to participate in events so they have the opportunity to meet each other and bond to advance with their curriculum. However, all students are welcome to join. The events hosted by our club will be beneficial for students to gain insight with respect to their education. We also provide a space in the EA building (room 3004) for psychology students to socialize, interact and relax. Overall, we provide resources and guidance to all psychology majors and support to those pursuing a minor or with a general interest in psychology.

Club Mission

The Psychology Student Society strives to foster a community where all paths of psychology can be explored with the respect and aid of our peers. We aim to provide opportunities for our members, regardless of creed, to socialize and move forward with their paths in psychology.


Aleithia Beck President 
Emma Jackson Vice President 
Hope Garvie Events Coordinator 
Jelena Stojsic Chief Financial Officer