School Outreach Ministry at Mount Royal University

In Representation by Nada Gomaa

School Outreach Ministry at Mount Royal University



Our club cares about the emotional and spiritual well being of every individual. As the world battled (and continues to battle) against the COVID-19 pandemic, many individuals throughout the world have experienced negative impacts to their lives at home, work, and at school. Our aim is to provide comfort and enlightenment through sharing the foundation of God’s principles and offering a space to breathe from our personal stresses. As we come together, we will provide an inclusive community, where through student to student connections they can relate, understand, and encourage one another in all aspects of their lives – from emotional, to personal, to spiritual and including the academic aspect as well. Along with this is the respect for each other’s privacy and confidentiality, and sharing within this judgment-free environment out of one’s own will and level of comfortability.


Katrina Rivera President 
Julia Nisperos Vice President 
Therese Bustamante Finance Officer 
Sheena Bayating Communications Officer 

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