Society of Broadcasting

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Society of Broadcasting


The Society of Broadcasting is a community where you can create your next podcast, short film, TV show, graphic or any media-related project or learn more about it no matter your experience in the field. While majority of members can be part of the Broadcast Media Studies program, anyone is welcome to join, grow and network or even create long-lasting friendships within this robust group of students.

Club Mission

The mission of the Society of Broadcasting is to facilitate success and passion for Broadcast Media in students across campus, to unify and support all members of the Society, and to enrich student experience in campus life with the combined talent and energy of our members.


Diana de Garcia President 
Ben Goodman Vice-President 
Ambar Mikaella VP - Digital Content 
Conrad Krausert VP - Student Relations 
Anokh Sra VP - Finance 
Maddy O’Toole VP - External 
Dylan Clarke VP - Production 

Primary Contact Information