Society of Women In Media

In by Nada Gomaa

Society of Women In Media



The 5 Objectives of The Society of Women in Media 1. To raise the standards for inclusion and diversity in the media. 2. To create content by and for minority groups and marginalized identities 3. To support Women In Media members by providing them with the platform and tools they need for their projects to be realized (i.e.., supply them with a production team, a budget, equipment, etc.) 4. To network and create relationships with external organizations in our field of work (such as advertising, broadcasting and media companies) to cement future job opportunities. 5. To create a safe space for our members and provide them with a sense of community, friendship, and understanding. As well as to host events.


Alexandra Padilla Guajardo President, VP Finance 
Emma Duke Vice President 
Ella Meakin VP Production 
Vox Dei Arenajo VP Digital Content 
Onyinye Ekwulugo VP Student Relations 

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