The MRU Sociology Club

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The MRU Sociology Club


To what extend are we shaped by society? How do my personal struggles connect to larger systemic issues? Is it possible to change these systemic issues, or are they too rooted in tradition? If they can be changed, how? If you have ever pondered such questions, you may find yourself at home with the MRU Sociology Club (MRUSC). At the MRUSC, we not only provide networking opportunities for those enrolled in a Sociology Minor or Major programs, but also aim to provide a space for all MRU students, regardless of degree program, who want to expand their sociological imagination. So if you find yourself needing a space to engage in thoughtful conversation, or if you just want to grab a coffee with a great group of people, sign right up and let’s chat!


Haleema Ahmad President 
Saadia Ahmed Social Media 
Tenzin Khangsar Treasurer 

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