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Write Club



We are building a tight-knit community of writers centered around shared literary aspirations and appreciation. We provide platforms for writers to collaborate on literary projects, share ideas, hone their skills, and gain access to essential resources. We organize events that educate, inspire, and empower both our club members and the broader MRU community in their literary pursuits. We partner with local authors, libraries, literary agencies, and publications to offer students firsthand industry experiences and insights. We serve as a bridge between students and the academic faculty of Language Arts, ensuring that the voice and interests of student writers are well-represented. We actively encourage and facilitate the participation of members from diverse, marginalized, and underrepresented backgrounds to enrich our club's canon of work.

Club Mission

Mount Royal University’s Write Club is dedicated to nurturing the literary talents of our community in a safe and inclusive environment. Whether you’re an experienced writer or a beginner embarking on your creative journey, our club offers a supportive space for you to hone your craft, share your work, and connect with like-minded individuals. Create. Cultivate. Communicate. The Write Club envisions a vibrant community where students are equipped and motivated to contribute meaningfully to the literary landscape, promoting inclusivity, diversity, and excellence in all their endeavors.


Kenneth Brown President 
Constance Yu Secretary 
Ben Urquhart Treasurer 
Campton Hancock Vice President of Marketing 

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