Cocktails, food and history: Meet Morgan Hansen SAMRU’s operations manager

Introducing Morgan Hansen! Morgan is SAMRU’s Operations Manager meaning he is responsible for the management of the Wyckham House Food Court, catering, food and beverage services, and the management of West Gate Social. 

One of Morgan’s favourite parts about working at SAMRU is ensuring that MRU students feel a sense of belonging and are supported in their success. “I believe that MRU has one of the best student experiences available. I want all students to know they have a place just for them, and that’s here at West Gate Social,” says Morgan. After years away from the MRU campus, he’s pleased to see that SAMRU is still working hard to provide a fun, inclusive space for students to live out their university experience. 

Morgan is no stranger to the MRU community. He is a third-generation alumnus, graduating with a Bachelor in Business Administration, earning a double minor in economics and history with a concentration on American civil rights. Morgan’s mother attended MRU to study addictions studies, while his grandmother was one of the first women to enter into the Computer Science program. After graduating from MRU, Morgan’s passion for food led him to pursue the culinary arts program at the Alberta Southern Institute of Technology (SAIT). 

“I believe that food is one of the most important ways to preserve cultural sensibilities, I am very interested in studying and understanding foodways, specifically Germanic influences on Southern culture and cuisine,” says Morgan. Originally from Calgary but later moving to Louisiana, Morgan holds close ties to family and friends south of the border. This inevitably has influenced his hobbies and passions outside of work. Morgan spends his time making homemade apple cider, baking sourdough bread, cooking various classical French and European dishes, and attempting to make every cocktail in Difford’s Guide by Simon Difford.  Difford’s Guide is an essential read for cocktail junkies looking to make classic and unique cocktails. Due to sponsorship, the guide is now available online for free!

Among his favourite drinks is a Tequila Sour, similar to the likes of a Whiskey Sour, Morgan explains, ”This cocktail is similar to the Whiskey Sour in the way that raw egg whites are used in the drink. While this may sound unappealing, the citrus in the lime reacts with the protein, similar to how citrus cooks meat proteins in the Mexican dish Ceviche.”

If you see Morgan around West Gate Social feel free to say hello! He enjoys interacting with students and seeing just how much they enjoy WGS. 

Favourite TV show

Midnight Mass

Brooklyn 99 

Favourite local restaurants


Rae’s Italian Cucina

Favourite local cocktail bar

Top-Notch Bar