Complaints Policy


A complaint is defined as any verbally or written expression of dissatisfaction received about SAMRU’s activities, programs, services, staff or volunteers.


A complaint can be made verbally (by phone or in person) or in writing (by mail, fax, email, social media). One way of initiating a complaint is through our dedicated complaints address. You may also contact SAMRU reception desk in-person during business hours, by phone at (403) 440-6077, or by email at

Every effort will be made to resolve complaints received in a timely fashion. Written complaints will be acknowledged within two business days of their receipt. A SAMRU employee will strive to resolve the complaint in a prompt manner within ten working days. Where complaints are escalated to higher organizational levels, every attempt will be made to resolve them within an additional ten business days. This timeline allows for the resolution of complaints within a month of their receipt.

Please note: It is necessary for SAMRU to keep a record of any complaint that involves money, legal issues or personnel issues, as well as any complaint that cannot be resolved immediately (on the same day it is received). An individual’s information will be handled according to our privacy policy.

 3.     PURPOSE

The Students’ Association of Mount Royal University views complaints as a way to learn and improve as an organization. The intent of this policy and its related procedures is to ensure that complaints are handled in an efficient, professional manner, and complaints are resolved to the satisfaction of all stakeholders involved.


The Students’ Association of Mount Royal University (SAMRU) is committed to providing our members, volunteers, employees, alumni, campus partners, donors, and the general public with a high level of service while carrying out our mission.

  • It is in the interest of all parties that complaints are dealt with promptly and resolved as quickly as possible.
  • Review of complaints is fair, impartial and respectful to all parties.
  • All complaints are thoroughly investigated and resolved in a timely manner.
  • That complainants will be kept updated through the process, and are informed of their options in escalating the complaint in the event they are unsatisfied with the outcome.
  •  Complaints are used to assist SAMRU in improving services, policies and procedures.