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By Nicole Boyce

Whether you’re a student or an astronaut, working with deadlines is a key to success. Consider the tips below for mastering deadline management:

Be aware
The first step to success is knowing when your deadlines are. Early in the year, use Outlook or your funny cat calendar to map out your deadlines for the semester. If you haven’t already, grab a Reflector Daytimer from SAMRU reception on the second floor.

Be strategic
The best way to manage deadlines is by creating more deadlines. Break each project into chunks and give yourself time to finish each chunk. Switch between difficult and less difficult tasks to keep yourself from burning out, and don’t save the tough stuff for the end. Think of it like rationing Halloween candy – if you eat all the good stuff first, you’re left with a bag of raisins.

Follow though
Once you’ve established a schedule, stick to it! Remember to take regular breaks, stay hydrated, and maintain proper nutrition to keep your energy up.

Leave some wiggle room
Anyone who’s seen Mrs. Doubtfire knows that it’s wise to avoid over-scheduling yourself. Allow room for flexibility and fun like catching a show in The Hub or getting to the pool, and if you do get hit with a time crunch, strategize and remain optimistic. Ask your instructor about extensions, and if that’s not possible, focus on the essentials and do the best you can.

If you need help dealing with some of the stresses of student life, check out the second-floor Peer Support Centre in Wyckham House>>