Archived: Dog Toy or Sex Toy?

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Sex Toy Bingo is THIS WEEK (February 13th)! In keeping with our Anti-Valentine’s theme, we thought we’d honour your favourite furry PAL-entine and play DOG TOY or SEX TOY!

3/10 of these items are sex toys. Can you guess which ones?

1) 2)

3) 4) 


Think you guessed right? Scroll down for the answers! Sex Toy Bingo is Wednesday, February 13th in Wyckham House. Doors open at 7:30 pm and the first round begins 8:30 pm. The event is free but bring cash if you want to purchase drinks and/or food (both are CASH-ONLY!). 18+ event, valid government-issued ID is required. Unfortunately, furry friends may not attend (but make sure to invite your human ones 😉).