Don’t Overdue Yourshelf Trying to Find Your Textbooks

It’s National Book Lovers Day, and what better way to celebrate than by rounding up all the places where you can find your textbooks for the upcoming school year? Read on to discover the best options for finding the books you need!

SAMRU’s Used Book Sale

SAMRU runs a year-round used book sale that can be accessed any time by students. You can also sell your textbooks and make some money back!

If you’re buying, please email with the titles and editions of the books you are looking for (pictures of the covers are great too). We will check our inventory and someone will respond within 2 business days. If we have the books in stock and you wish to purchase, we will arrange a date and time when you can come to campus to pick up and process payment.

If you’re selling, please email with your name, phone number, book titles, and selling prices for your books. Someone will then reach out to arrange a day, time, and location for drop off.

MRU Cougars Campus Store

The Cougars Campus Store is a fast and convenient way to get your textbooks for the semester. They offer new books for all courses and used books for select courses (if you’re trying to get a deal on a textbook for your GNED courses, this is the place to look).

You can use their handy Course Builder tool to quickly find all the books you’ll need for your classes, and select new or used options depending on what’s in stock. Check out their guide on using Course Builder. Once you’ve selected your books, you can get them shipped right to your front step, or come in to pick them up.

You’ll also be able to find any other school supplies you need at the Campus Store, and lots of MRU merch (stock up on those hoodies for the Fall weather)!

Pride & Cultural Inclusion Centre Libraries

The Pride Centre and Cultural Inclusion Centre both have free libraries where students are able to donate or borrow books. Though these books may not be required for your classes, they provide excellent supplementary or general-interest reading!

Email or to inquire about borrowing or donating books to these centres.

Buy and Sell Groups

There are also some buy and sell groups through Facebook that you can check out:

The Mount Royal University Textbook Buy/Sell is a Facebook group where you can list your textbooks to sell them, or use the search bar to find the books you need. You’ll have to join the group in order to sell or buy books.

There’s also the MRU Buy/Sell Facebook Group, where you can search for or sell books as well as anything else you might be in need of or looking to sell!

Looking for books for a specific program? Try searching ‘MRU’ and your program on Facebook. Facebook Groups may exist for your faculty.

Classified Ads

Facebook Marketplace and Kijiji are other platforms where you could find the books you need or sell your old books.

If you’re buying or selling textbooks through Buy/Sell groups or Classified Ad platforms, remember to watch out for any potential scams. Never send anyone money in advance or agree to ship your books without receiving payment, and if you’re planning to meet with someone to buy or sell something, choose a public place like a coffee shop or on campus. It’s also a good idea to bring a friend with you or let a friend know where you’ll be meeting for the transaction.

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