Archived: Don’t throw money away: hold on to your textbooks for the SAMRU Used Book Sale!

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What’s black and white and read for one semester, then forgotten in a closet for the rest of time? Textbooks, of course! But let me assure you: it doesn’t have to be that way. You could be converting old textbooks you’ll never need again into money to line your pockets for a new semester – and helping a fellow student out in the process.

SAMRU’s Fall 2017 Used Book Sale will be up and running on August 28 2017, at which point you’ll be able to register your books online, drop them off in the Yellow Room (Z203, second floor Wyckham House), and wait for them to turn into cold hard cash. It’s super simple, and you’ll be supporting your Students’ Association as well as other students like you.

The fine print:

  • Consigners get to set their own selling price and will be paid out 75% of that price once their book is sold.
  • We will be accepting most books for consignment. We reserve the right to decline books for any reason (e.g. outdated editions, damaged and/or heavily marked).
  • Consignment contracts will be valid only for the duration of the sale.
  • Payment will be by cheque only and will be available at point of purchase until the sale is over. After the sale is finished, remaining cheques will be available at SAMRU Reception.
  • Lost or expired cheques that need to be reprinted may result in a $5 fee.
  • SAMRU will not be responsible for any damage to your books while in our possession.
  • Only the person whose name is listed on the consignment account can inquire about their account.
  • The seller can withdraw their books from consignment at any time without penalty.

If you have any questions about the Used Book Sale, feel free to get in touch with the Administration Manager at or (403) 440-5603, or visit