Archived: Life is better when you’re crafting

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There’s a reason why so many of our programs and services are hands-on. When you sit down at a table of strangers to create something together, something amazing happens: you discover you have way more in common between you than you first thought. It’s kinda like why it’s so much fun to sit at a table and play a game, even if no one speaks the same language.

Shared experiences are a huge part of why our Crafternoon! workshops have been so successful. It can be awkward to make small talk, but it’s a lot easier to talk about something you’re both working on – even if you’re working on it separately, but side-by-side. Connecting with someone is easier when you have a shared experience to talk about. It’s a quick hack to making friends, because shared experiences bring people together. And things are just plain better when they’re shared!

Believe us: we know that it can be scary sometimes to walk into a totally new situation and try to fit in. So we’ve tried our hardest to make sure that all our programming is low stress but high fun. A positive, enthusiastic community is built on trust and inclusivity. We’ve seen the amazing student community at Mount Royal, so we know that you are all an incredibly positive and enthusiastic bunch!

So what does that mean? It means that we recognize the importance of creating a space where people can connect over their similarities. It means we intend on making everyone who walks in feel welcome. It means we make room for fun in everything we do at SAMRU. And it means you should join us at Crafternoon!

Crafternoon! workshops are a chance to explore your creative side in a safe, positive, and stress-free space. Don’t worry about your skill level – there’s no experience needed for these crafts. You’ll be taught hands-on by our amazing team of volunteers, and we’ll provide all the materials you need.

Crafternoon! runs every Monday from 12:00 – 2:00 in the Pride Centre (Z204). Winter semester workshops start on January 9th and will run through to April 10th. There will be no Crafternoon! on February 20th.

For more information about the Crafternoon! program, please contact Tanya Ross, our Relationships, Identity and Sex Programmer, at or (403) 440-5604.