Experiential Learning Fund

The Students’ Association of Mount Royal University (SAMRU) offers the Experiential Learning Fund (ELF) to help individual students fund development opportunities related to but outside their academic experience at Mount Royal University. This fund was created to help eligible students take advantage of unique learning and growth opportunities.

Please be advised of changes to the Experiential Learning Fund application period. Applications will now be accepted:

  • Starting May 1 or later for experiences taking place July to December
  • Starting November 1 or later for experiences taking place January to April
  • Starting March 1 or later for experiences taking place in May or June

What kinds of activities can the ELF be used for?

The ELF can be used to fund a variety of academic development opportunities, including participation in:

  • Conference or trade shows
  • Student exchange programs
  • Field schools, etc.

What expenses are included in the funding?

Eligible costs the fund can be used for include meals, transportation, and accommodations. Tuition, Faculty Fees, or MRU Administration fees are not eligible expenses.

How much can I qualify for?

Students are eligible for a maximum of two ELF opportunities per academic year, although total funding per academic year is capped at $1,000.00 per student (whichever comes first). Funding is granted on a first-come, first-served basis; once the funds are depleted, applications will not be accepted until after June 30th of that academic year.

Any one person will not be awarded more than $5,000 in total and/or more than three individual scholarships, bursaries, and awards in a single year, including SAMRU Awards. 

Funding levels are based on the following criteria:

Type Criteria Fund Level
Conferences: In AB Conferences within AB, including Calgary $150 or 50% of eligible costs (whichever is less)
Conferences: In Canada Conferences within Canada, not in AB $300 or 50% of eligible costs (whichever is less)
Conferences: International Conferences outside of Canada $500 or 50% of eligible costs (whichever is less)
National or International:

Study Abroad, Field School, Work Abroad

National and international opportunities that are longer than a typical conference $700 or 30% of eligible costs (whichever is less)

Experiential Learning Fund shall not exceed:

  • The amount granted as per the established funding levels, or the balance of reasonable and legitimate unpaid or unfunded costs incurred by the applicant as demonstrated in his/her final report, whichever is less
  • $1,000 per student per academic year
  • The balance remaining in the fund for distribution

Applications outside of the established criteria will be reviewed by the Experiential Learning Fund Committee. All funding is granted at the discretion of SAMRU.

Who is eligible for an ELF grant?

ELF applicants must:

  • Be members of SAMRU in good standing (i.e. current credit students of Mount Royal);
  • Be the age of majority; and
  • Be in good academic standing with Mount Royal (GPA 2.00+).

What restrictions are there on ELF grants?

The ELF is available for individual students only and may not be used to directly, or indirectly, fund the activities of any group, association, corporation, or charity. Also, the ELF may not be used to fund:

  • Activities which contravene any legal statute;
  • Tuition or other education-related expenses at Mount Royal or its affiliated or collaborative partners;
  • Expenditures for pleasure travel;
  • Experiences for which the student will be reimbursed by any other source of income, including parental support, scholarships, grants, bursaries, employment, etc.;
  • Personal or professional development opportunities for current members of the Representation Executive Council, full-time staff members, and members of the Student Governing Board during their time in office.

What is the process for application and receipt of grant money?

The application is due no later than five business days prior to your development experience and should submitted to the Reception Office in Wyckham House (Z222) or emailed to the contact below. Your ELF application will be reviewed to determine the appropriate funding level. After this review, you will receive a letter by email regarding the decision.

Applications will be accepted starting two months prior to the beginning of the start of each semester. For example, you can apply:

  • Starting May 1 or later for experiences taking place July to December
  • Starting November 1 or later for experiences taking place January to April
  • Starting March 1 or later for experiences taking place in May or June

What responsibilities do I have if I receive an ELF grant?

Upon the completion of your experience, you have three (3) weeks to submit a written report to SAMRU, including:

  • A brief report (maximum two (2) pages) on your development experience, including how you were able to achieve your development outcomes and whether you would recommend the experience for other Mount Royal students;
  • Eligible expense receipts paid for by the applicant (proof may be required) for approved activities equal to or greater than the approved funding amount; and
  • A photograph of your experience for possible publication by SAMRU.

Once the report is received, the ELF administrator will review the report and issue you a cheque for the approved amount, or the actual expenses incurred as supported by the submitted expense receipts, whichever is less.


  • Confirm your application acceptance date: May 1 for July to December experiences, November 1 for January to April experiences and March 1 for May or June experiences.
  • Five (5) business days before your trip (minimum), submit application to the Reception Office (Z222) in Wyckham House or email it to the contact below.
  • Leave for your trip and have a fantastic time!
  • Three (3) weeks after your trip, submit a written report and photo of your experience, and receipts for eligible expenses.

ELF Application Form

You can download the application form here, or pick it up at our Reception Office (Z222) in Wyckham House.


For more information, please contact:

Lisa Antichow
Administration Manager
Phone: (403) 440-5603
Email: l.antichow@samru.ca