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Students have a lot of questions about if they should appeal a final grade or not – here’s a quick FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) that might help you decide if you want to pursue formal appeals of your final grade.



“I can’t reach my instructor.”

Possible answer:

Exam time is busy for instructors AND students. Patience and empathy are key. Even if your instructor has have left Mount Royal at the end of the semester there is always someone at Mount Royal who you can appeal your grade to. Call the department for more information.


 “I don’t feel comfortable going to talk to my instructor”

Possible answer:

You can ask the Student Advocacy Coordinator about self-advocacy skills & to attend a meeting with you.


 “Can I appeal an assignment/quiz/test grade in a course?”


Possible answer:
Final grade appeals are only possible for final grades, however if you have a question about an assignment or test grade make sure to see your instructor within 14 days after you get your grade. This is a right you have as a student.


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By Andrea Davis, Student Advocacy Coordinator