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It’s April…and your final course grade isn’t what you’d expected. What can you do?

You have the right to appeal your final course grade at the end of the semester where that final grade was awarded, unless you pass the deadline to appeal in that particular semester. Grounds for undergraduate final grade appeals are:

  • The final grade NOT being calculated on all of the work completed and as indicated on the course outline; or
  • A mathematical miscalculation of the final grade; or
  • Alleged unfair assessment of academic performance. (MRU Academic Calendar 2013-14)

Once you know which criteria may apply, it’s time to meet with your instructor. If you don’t feel comfortable meeting alone, you can bring a friend, colleague, or third party such as your SAMRU Student Advocacy Coordinator. Even with a support person present, be prepared to self-advocate or speak on the specifics of your appeal.

If you’re not satisfied after a talk with your instructor, you can request a final grade review by the Chair of the department. This means a trip to the Registrar’s Office to fill out a form on appealing your final grade. Timelines are important to watch at every step of the process, so don’t wait too long to file your form—you have 20 business days after the end of the final exam period (in this semester) to file a final grade appeal. This is where you can likely build a case, based on academic merit, that your final grade warrants a higher value. You may need to demonstrate how these grounds are supported, using facts. What kinds of facts are relevant to your appeal will be for you to decide, based on your specific situation.

If you’re potentially appealing beyond the Chair, consider consulting with the Student Advocacy Coordinator for additional support and information. Whichever path you choose, the Student Advocacy Coordinator can help you hone your self-advocacy skills and navigate the process!

For more detailed information on final grade appeals, visit the Student Advocacy Resource Library >>

For information for the 2013-14 MRU Academic Calendar on both kinds of final grade appeals >>

By Andrea Davis, Student Advocacy Coordinator, SAMRU

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