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Clubs Days happening right now on main street

Are you wondering where you can meet other students who share your interests, even outside of your program? Have you considered joining a SAMRU club? Clubs offer a great way to connect with fellow students who share your passions; we have clubs that express recreational, academic, cultural, spiritual, and other interests.

Post-secondary and post-graduation success isn’t defined solely by what you read in a textbook or hear in a lecture, but rather a well-rounded experience helps shape your education and prepare students for life after university. One of the best ways to round-out your university experience is to join a student club.

Your Students’ Association helps students form clubs for a variety of purposes. Some clubs are purely recreational, others help you network with your future colleagues in academic-focused clubs. Some can help you embrace, learn more about, or share your culture or the culture of others. Rounding out the options for clubs within the Students’ Association are clubs with a religious or spiritual focus and clubs focused on social issues such as human rights or the environment.

Clubs Days give students at Mount Royal an opportunity for clubs to recruit new members, as well as to advertise their clubs and upcoming club events. Students can meet club executives and members in person during Clubs Days and learn more about what the clubs do, and the benefits that the clubs bring to their members.

Students interested in starting their own unique club can also meet with Jon Piderman, the Clubs Coordinator and discuss the requirements for starting a new club, as well as get helpful tips and advice on how to run a successful club. Training and funding are available for clubs, along with a host of other on-campus benefits.


In 2014-15, SAMRU had approximately 75 clubs, 354 student club executives and approximately 3,182 student members.

Clubs Days
September 22, 23, & 24, 2015
Main Street, Mount Royal University
(Near the library and bookstore)
10:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m. all three days

Visit the Clubs Web page online to learn more about student clubs at SAMRU: