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With the last day of classes coming up in two weeks (!!!), you can finally see the finish line ahead of you. That means it’s time to really buckle down and finish that term paper daydream endlessly about the end-of-year party your club’s throwing!

If you’re in the midst of planning a celebratory shindig, you might be fretting as much about party logistics as you are your upcoming deadlines and exams. Luckily, it just so happens that we at SAMRU know a thing or two about hosting events, and we, ahem, might be thinking about this a lot lately. (Scroll to the bottom of this post to find out why!) So, let some seasoned pros pass on a few hot tips to help you plan a night to remember.

1) Get an early start

Knowing your deadlines and staying well ahead of them can be the difference between pulling off a successful event and pulling off a successful event you actually enjoy. Venues, caterers, DJs – they all book up fast, and nothing will spoil your appetite for fun quicker than scrambling to pin down your fourth-choice DJ a week before the party. The sooner you have all the major pieces in place, the more creative you can be about the little flourishes, and the more you’ll be able to relax and have fun the day of the event.

2) Ask for help (and delegate like a boss)

Do you have a team of collaborators helping you plan your event? Great. Do you have a bunch of willing volunteers to help you carry those plans out? Even better! When it comes to planning an event, there’s such a thing as too many cooks in the kitchen, but volunteers to help you actually make the thing happen? Never. Make sure you’ve got enough hands on deck to set up, take down, meet the DJ, decorate, store the food, pick up the posters and tickets, and any of the other 1,000 tasks you’re probably forgetting about.

3) Word of mouth > mass-invitation

With a handful of exceptions, you can usually bet that how easy something is to do is inversely proportional to how effective it is. Sending a Facebook event invite to all your friends? Super easy! Also, super easy to ignore! On the other hand, messaging or (shudder) calling the people you’d most like to see at the event to invite them personally might not sound like fun, but it gets results. Don’t get me wrong, you can and should cast a wide net, but don’t neglect opportunities to also extend a more personal invitation whenever you can. If you invite people face-to-face, it makes it harder for your invitees to ignore, and they’ll be more likely to register your event as something they actually want to do.

4) Be flexible

Sometimes plans go sideways, and your event winds up being bigger or smaller or less formal or more rowdy than you intended. If that happens, take a deep breath and try not to lose sight of what you wanted the event to achieve in the first place. Would you rather it look exactly the way you pictured it looking, down to the last novelty feature cocktail, or would you rather everyone have a good time?

If your event really goes off the rails, or if it was a fundraiser and you didn’t raise as much money as you hoped to, try not to take it personally. Think of it like a research project: keep track of all the information you got out of this experience, and use it to make your next event a smash hit!


Hey SAMRU, why do you have events on the brain?


Okay, you caught us; we might be hosting a few parties of our own this spring. You’re not the only one with stuff going on! Make sure you don’t miss:

April 5: SAMRU’s Got Talent

For the final Wild Card Wednesday of the year, we’re teaming up with several student clubs to bring you a contest showcasing the amazing talent here at MRU! Student and alumni acts will have five minutes each on the Hub stage to wow a panel of judges, who will vote on the performances. At the end of the evening, votes will be tallied and prizes awarded for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and the audience favourite. Come support your friends and classmates as they take the Hub stage!

Doors at 7:00pm, show at 7:30pm
Free for students, $5 for guests
Find out more at

April 12: Last Class Splash!

The school year is going out with a splash! This year, our annual Last Class Bash will be a giant dance party, with paint cannons stationed around Wyckham House to turn the crowd into a human canvas. Wyckham House will be decked out in LED décor, with dancing glow robots, Glow Body Paint Stations, and free glow batons or glow rings for the first 500 people through the door. Dance with your friends to some amazing DJs, splatter each other with paint, and leave the stress of the school year behind with a party to remember!

NEW LOW PRICE: $10 advance ($15 at the door)
Doors at 9:00pm
18+ (bring ID)
Student ID is required to buy tickets, with a limit of four tickets per student.

Tickets will be available March 23 – April 11 at the Hub and SAMRU Reception (Z222) during regular hours. For additional ticket sale locations, see

May 13: SAMRU’s 50th Anniversary Party

2017 is the 50th anniversary of the incorporation of the Students’ Association of Mount Royal University (SAMRU), and we want to celebrate with all of our friends and alumni. If that sounds like you, join us in Wyckham House to catch up with old friends and new, and to raise a glass to the next 50 years!

This event is free, but please RSVP at by April 14 so that we can get an accurate read of how many people are coming. If you have any questions, feel free to email