Fundrace Flurry

Welcome to the Fundrace Flurry! An all-new seasonal fundraiser to support MRU students during a financially stressful time of year. Get ready to race your fellow MRU campus peers as your team attempts to raise the most donations for the SAMRU Peer Support Centre. The Peer Support Centre provides many critical services for Mount Royal students including, but not limited to, food and financial security programs.

How it works

Each team will select a mascot for their team (choice of polar bear, reindeer, white rabbit, seal, or penguin) and a unique name for their team/mascot. Keep track of your racer on our website– the top five teams will be displayed so “fundracers” can track their progress.



Critical Dates

October 26 – November 27:
Registration for team participation
November 27: Deadline to register your team
November 9 – December 4: Fundraising!
December 4: Winning team will be announced


Questions? Technical support? Reach out to us by email.