Volunteer Roles & Streams

There are three broad volunteer streams at SAMRU.
All streams start with you filling out an application to volunteer. The three SAMRU volunteer streams are: Programs & Services, Governance, and Representation Committee Streams.

The Program & Services Stream

The Program & Services stream hosts a variety of volunteer positions within and outside of our Student Services portfolio. Historically, we’ve had Event & Outreach volunteers, Planning and Implementation committee volunteers, Casual Volunteers, Community Garden Volunteers, Tax Clinic Volunteers, Peer Support Volunteers, and more.

The SAMRU Representation Committee Stream

The stream offers students unique opportunities to become SAMRU Ambassadors by volunteering on a committee that supports the advocacy goals of elected student leaders in a variety of roles. These include academic representatives for the General Faculties Council (GFC), a seat on the MRU Tuition Fee Consultation Committee, or an Indigenous representative for the Canadian Alliance of Student Associations (CASA).

The SAMRU Governance Stream

The SAMRU Governance stream offers a unique opportunity for students from any MRU academic area to participate in  overseeing a medium-sized non-profit, membership organization. Students have the opportunity to gain financial, committee, strategic planning, decision-making and policy experience. Governors can be either appointed (short-term) or elected (long-term). Prospective Governors may need to complete additional process requirements related to an elections process. Here is additional information on governance and its structure within our organization.