Archived: Global Citizen Centre programming connects students across difference

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We know that being a student – especially a new student – can be tough in a lot of ways. Meeting friends and finding interesting activities on campus can sometimes fall to the wayside while balancing schoolwork with the rest of your life.

But being a student means more than just going to class: it’s about learning from others with different backgrounds than you, about having conversations about difference, and sharing new experiences with people you don’t know. And sometimes, being a student is about figuring out what it means to be human in a global context.

That’s why we have the Global Citizen Centre (GCC). The GCC is a dedicated space on campus where we’ve made room for conversation across (and sometimes, about) difference, for creating shared experiences, and for cultural and Indigenous inclusion programming.

Some of our programs celebrate the wealth of diversity here on campus that makes Mount Royal University so great. Others are about connecting with and learning about something you may not have known about, or meeting people who are interested in the same things you are. And some provide a chance to de-stress and hang out and chat. Of course, we can say one thing about all of our programs: they’re fun!

We have a variety of programming that runs all through the semester, and covers everything from Aboriginal ancestry to English Language Practice to a tea and bannock Talking Circle. You can see the full list of GCC programs here.

The Global Citizen Centre is a positive, inclusive space, and we’re mindful that student budgets can be tight, so GCC’s programming is free and open to all Mount Royal University students. If you’re feeling nervous about dropping into a workshop by yourself, bring a friend!

If you have any questions about the programs or services we offer through the Global Citizen Centre, please contact the Cultural & Indigenous Inclusion Programmer, Cory Cardinal, at

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