Mentally Prepping Yourself for the Transition Back to In-Person Learning

I think it’s safe to say that this is our first time rebounding from a pandemic, so that means most of us may be feeling anxious about returning to campus. With MRU returning to in-person classes this fall, MRU and SAMRU want you to be as prepared as you can be. 

To prepare yourself for your return, think of space on campus that makes you feel comfortable, familiarize yourself with campus supports, respect the comfortability of others, and stay up-to-date on health measures affecting campus. 

Think of a space on campus that made you feel comfortable

When you think about returning to campus, think about a place that made you feel comfortable pre-pandemic. Maybe it’s studying in the library, or catching up with friends at West Gate Social. If things get overwhelming when you return, you can visit that spot to relax.

Familiarize yourself with campus supports

Make yourself familiar with all of the support SAMRU has to offer. Whether you’re looking for food or financial security assistance, or have academic (or non-academic) concerns, we can help!

The Peer Support Centre (PSC) offers free breakfast, SAMRU Care Packages, and confidential peer mentoring. You can think of the Peer Support Centre as a pal that will always have your back! The Student Advocacy Resource Centre (SARC) provides confidential services, support, and options for all your concerns and questions. The Student Advocacy Resource Centre can be thought of as a parent, who will help you to be the best version of yourself you can be. SARC helps students navigate university processes and teaches students how to advocate for themselves. 

Respect the comfortability of others

It’s been a long year for us all and depending on personal circumstances, we are all going to have a different level of comfortability. And that’s okay! Be courteous and respectful of others’ choices, particularly masking and personal distancing. 

Stay up-to-date on health measures affecting campus

Stay up to date on health measures affecting Wyckham House Student Centre and SAMRU by visiting our COVID-19 updates page. SAMRU is following the same guidelines set by MRU in compliance with AHS health regulations. We can’t wait to begin this semester with you! The health and wellbeing of the MRU community is truly everyone’s responsibility.