Archived: Incoming and outgoing Executive Committee: Welcome and farewell!

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May is going to be a busy month in Wyckham House, with lots of exciting changes, not the least of which is the formal introduction of the newly-elected Executive Committee (EC) for the 2013-2014 academic year. They officially join us in mid-May, so say welcome to our new executives, and farewell to those leaving us!

A fond farewell to our 2012-2013 President, Kaylene McTavish, VP Student Academic Affairs Jennifer Langille, and Michelle Dennis who worked for SAMRU at the end of the term filling in for elected VP Student External Affairs Julia Broome who stepped down in the fall semester. Your Executive Committee has represented the interests of students both locally and nationally. If you see them in the halls, be sure to thank them for all of their hard work!

Welcome to our new President Sadiq Valliani, VP Student External Affairs Missy Chareka, and our VP Student Academic Affairs Tristan Smyth! When they officially take on their new roles, please welcome them, and make sure to take advantage of all that they can do for the students of MRU!

Of course, we can’t forget our returning VP Student University Affairs, Addison Asuchak, who was elected for another term.

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