Archived: Knowing your rights: Talking to your Instructor about a grade

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One little known fact at MRU is that students do have the right to appeal a final course grade within deadlines, but don’t have the right to appeal assignment grades. That doesn’t mean one can’t have a conversation with an instructor about assignment marks. Keep reading for some tips and advice on how to talk to your instructor about an assignment.

Book a mutually agreeable time to meet outside of class. As a student, you have a right to meet your instructor outside of class at a time that works for you both. Be accommodating and the instructor will likely return that accommodation in kind.

Be respectful and polite at all times. At Mount Royal, there is a personal code of conduct all members in our community (including students and instructors) are obliged to follow. Maintain at least an arm’s length distance from the person you’re speaking to. Speak calmly, reply thoughtfully, and listen actively. Avoid yelling, name-calling, or foot-stomping.

Ask the instructor to review your assignment. Students have the right to review papers, tests, and assignments within 14 days with your instructor after they’ve been marked. For final exams, you don’t have the right to review it with someone, but you do have a right to supervised access to a final exam, even if it’s with someone other than your instructor.

Talk about how the mark was calculated. The instructor may be willing to share how they came to their calculation so that you can understand the way it was determined. Instructors have the right to calculate grades in a way of their choosing.


If you’d like more information about what your rights and responsibilities are visit the Student Advocacy Office during drop-in time or book an appointment. Be informed and complete that course with confidence! >>


  • By Andrea Davis, Student Advocacy Coordinator, SAMRU