Kristiana Tosku for VP Academic

Personal Statement and Qualifications

My name is Kristiana Tosku and I would like to eagerly submit my personal statement for REC Vice-President Academic. I believe that this is an amazing way to become more involved outside of my department of Education and am ecstatic at the prospect of being part of and bringing a new perspective to this organization. I’m currently a first year Education student with previous education in Civil Engineering. Completing my Undergraduate work at Mount Royal University has been a dream come true and the best way that I can think of giving back for being given this chance is to become involved in the Representation Executive Council. Along with my future colleagues, I hope to follow the wisdom of Ralph Waldo Emerson and leave our Mount Royal University a bit better than we have found it.

I believe that my background and experiences make mt well-qualified to fill this position. In my previous life as a civil engineer, I learned how to quickly identify short- and long-term issues and can promptly problem solve by the way of recommending appropriate courses of action. I make it my responsibility to make myself aware of the goals of the SAMRU strategic plan and am able to weave the ever-evolving needs of the Mount Royal credit students into these goals. My organizational skills become apparent not only in my grades but in my accreditation from the Project Management Institute as a Certified Associate in Project Management. I hope to work for the students of Mount Royal University and will diligently keep an open line of communication between the Representation Executive Council and the credit students of Mount Royal University. I understand that I will be not only the representative of the students, but also Mount Royal University, and will always present myself in a professional and respectable way. Ethics are of utmost importance to me and will be at the forefront of my mind at all times, not only in representative and advocacy work. 

My project management experience will serve this role incredibly and has given me the tools and the experience to manage difficult situations while maintaining a cool head. My previous work experience in a professional setting has allowed me to uphold and practice high professional standards. I’m very aware that my decisions and actions affect not only myself but my colleagues and the people I serve. I will always treat them with the utmost consideration and make our professional environment one that rests upon a bedrock of mutual respect. I thank you for your thoughtful consideration and hope to be able to show my capabilities in this position.